The soy lie. Tofu much better than meat? Probably not!

There was something wrong with the soy compatibility (exactly what my body was worried). There was an extremely blurred, slightly visible undesirable feeling and pain on or I did not believe it which s why it was so barely obvious. When, nonetheless, after a long time as soon as again showed skin troubles, I began to research. My friend stumbled upon the soy information from Kopp Verlag, which ought to help me and could. After additional study, I was encouraged of the descriptions of the short article from the book by Uwe Karstädt, the video”The soy lie” and the information published Kopp Verlag. I am not just merely think I now understand the relationships rather well, why and why it is so and my body”allergic” reacting. (This can be with you really in a different way).



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